Scout Scoop

27-12-2022 13:00 til 01-01-2023 12:00

Lucas Guldberg Frydendall

Scout Scoop 22/23

Scout Scoop is an annual international event held in Denmark during the Christmas Holidays, arranged by the YMCA-Scouts of Denmark and the Houens Odde International Scout Centre.
With participants and staff from all over the world, the event will be filled with activities, all from classical scout activities to things you probably never tried before.
There will also time to just hang out and be cozy with your new friends. Ant it is all leading up to the big theme party at New Year’s Eve!

Accommodation: we will sleep indoor at the scout centre and some from  the staff will be in charge of the cooking.
Due to the internationalt staff and participants, the camp language is English – as good as we know it.
Does not that sound exciting!? Come along and join us!

International participents can have a discount on the price, please contact Lucas for more information.


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Antal pladser: 64
Ledige pladser: 21



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Houens Odde 14-20
6000 Kolding


Fra 27-12-2022 13:00
Til 01-01-2023 12:00


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